What I’m taking to Nashville

As this is the only thing I've spoken about for the past 3 months, you're probably aware that I am going to Nashville! In two weeks I will be getting on a plane and going to meet my best friend! Yesterday I went on a shopping spree to buy weather appropriate clothes! I've never worn [...]

Why do I keep a Journal?

If you have stumbled on this post, you might be considering starting a journal. Or you have may have already started your journal and you wanted some insight into what other people's reasons are for starting their journals. Whatever your reason is, welcome to my blog, I hope you have fun here. Most people who [...]

Nashville TN – Visiting my Best Friend

Currently, I live in England. It's very windy, very wet and I'm not sure we've ever had a sunny day without losing our minds. Earlier this year, I made the decision to go to Nashville and finally meet my best friend. Now, let me tell you just a little bit about her. She's called Kitty, [...]

December 1st – Farmhouse Rustic Decor

Welcome to Blogmas day one! I wish it was possible for me to write everyday but unfortunately, I know that it just isn't possible. However, with that being said... it's almost Christmas!!! So I will be doing a lot more posts about this lovely time of year - some Christmas themed and others not so [...]

Lunch Ideas

Recently I've been in a very foodie mood. Everyday I've been stalking a different food related blog, Instagram and Tumblr accounts. I've been trying to find new lunch ideas to stop me from eating the same thing day in and day out. Here's just few that I've found so far: Soup and toast I know... [...]

October Challenge

So it's October 3rd and I am definitely late in posting this but late is better than never in my opinion. This month I wanted to try and complete a challenge of practising my French everyday. I've never been able to complete more than two consecutive weeks of practise and while I'm proud of that, [...]

It smells like winter

It's the crisp air, the leaves on the ground as you walk, the bare trees. It's the frost on the grass that melts just as the sun is rising, turning it into droplets of water that glisten in the light. It's the sound of birds singing in the morning a little later than usual. It's [...]