Escapril (days 1-3)

Usually I don't dabble in 'serious' writing. It's not something I feel I'm good at so I felt it'd be best just ignore the whole thing. However! This year (particularly this month) I have been learning to challenge myself and explore things I was scared to before. I've done this before and didn't get anywhere [...]

February in review…

This month has been life-changing. I finally got to marry the love of my life. We had a very small ceremony, which was a surprise to just about everyone! We had been organizing the event for a few months before but ultimately all we wanted was family and close friends to join us in this [...]

What I love about being vegan

Since around August/September 2017 I started thinking about becoming vegetarian and eventually vegan. Unfortunately, it didn't happen until April/May 2018 and I was officially calling myself vegetarian by the end of July. In October I started to transition to veganism. It's still a process but I'm confident that one day my diet will be 100% [...]

Moving to America…

A few months ago I made the decision to finally move to America and be with the love of my life. This choice had on been on my mind and since meeting Kitty, I decided to let go and just do it!  I've always been an advocate for people going after what they want and [...]

Why do I keep a Journal?

If you have stumbled on this post, you might be considering starting a journal. Or you have may have already started your journal and you wanted some insight into what other people's reasons are for starting their journals. Whatever your reason is, welcome to my blog, I hope you have fun here. Most people who [...]