Four ways to stay creative

As a writer, it’s important that I have creative outlets. It’s something that I’ve been passionate about since I was a pre-teen; being creative helped me release all my stresses and worries into physical pieces of work. Growing up, I would do a lot of mixed media artwork as well as creative writing. Now thatContinue reading “Four ways to stay creative”

What have I been watching recently?

Since my teenage years, I have very rarely watched live TV. I prefer to wait until I am comfy, in my own space where I am free to pause and skip all the ads. I’m also super picky about the TV shows I watch; if something is super popular the I’ll usually hang back andContinue reading “What have I been watching recently?”

Escapril (days 1-3)

Usually I don’t dabble in ‘serious’ writing. It’s not something I feel I’m good at so I felt it’d be best just ignore the whole thing. However! This year (particularly this month) I have been learning to challenge myself and explore things I was scared to before. I’ve done this before and didn’t get anywhereContinue reading “Escapril (days 1-3)”

February in review…

This month has been life-changing. I finally got to marry the love of my life. We had a very small ceremony, which was a surprise to just about everyone! We had been organizing the event for a few months before but ultimately all we wanted was family and close friends to join us in thisContinue reading “February in review…”

What I love about being vegan

Since around August/September 2017 I started thinking about becoming vegetarian and eventually vegan. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen until April/May 2018 and I was officially calling myself vegetarian by the end of July. In October I started to transition to veganism. It’s still a process but I’m confident that one day my diet will be 100%Continue reading “What I love about being vegan”