What have I been watching recently?

Since my teenage years, I have very rarely watched live TV. I prefer to wait until I am comfy, in my own space where I am free to pause and skip all the ads. I’m also super picky about the TV shows I watch; if something is super popular the I’ll usually hang back and wait before pushing play on these. It took me a whole year to watch Stranger Things season 1 and I waited until Brooklyn 99 was cancelled and then picked back up again. Anyway… this has been what I have been watching recently!

One Tree Hill

This show is one that I am revisiting and my wife is watching it for the first time. It shaped my teenage years practically. It’s a typical coming of age teen drama starring some pretty big names; Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush and Joy Lenz. With 9 seasons, it has many heartfelt moments as well as the usual heartbreaks that all of the teen/young adult shows have. While this is hands-down one of my favourites, is makes you wonder ‘where are their parents?’ a heck of a lot.

My favourite characters were always Haley and Peyton. They had both inspired me to pursue things that I loved. I started to play piano and writing my own music again. The songs I had written in previous years were re-written and put to music. Peyton inspired me to start drawing from experience rather than just portraits. My art style went through some drastic changes during this time.


This is a Netflix original based off a book by Kristen Smith. My wife and I managed to binge watch this entirely in less than a day. At face value, this show probably isn’t relatable for most people on the surface but if you dig deep enough, you can still see yourself in the characters. This is one of the main reasons why I love this show so much; I think it’s amazing when characters are complex from the get-go so working them out and predicting their next move doesn’t become easy.


The show is essentially about three kleptomaniacs who become close friends when they find themselves in the same therapy group. It has storylines of friendship and love, but unfortunately there will only be two seasons.

The Fosters

This is my current favourite. I’m actually watching it right now as I’m typing this! The general plot is about Stef and Lena raising their family who consists of a biological child and their adopted children. With the exception of a few, all the characters are completely loveable and have amazing character development. This show is heartbreaking and bittersweet, I don’t think I could love it anymore than I do.

This is one of those shows that I wish I had found sooner and I wish it lasted so much longer than just five seasons. Since being cancelled in 2018, there has been a spin-off including the two daughters called Good Trouble. While I’m absolutely thrilled about this, I can only hope that one day there’s a spin-off about Stef and Lena (my favourite characters).

One Day at a Time

This is another Netflix original that was recently cancelled and picked up by PopTV. So far the show only has three seasons, though I’m sure with PopTV backing it now, it will last for many more to come. This is one show that absolutely changed my life for the better. It has amazing representation for the LGBTQ community. Until I watched this show, I hadn’t truly seen myself be represented.

This show is based off Norman Lear’s ‘One Day at a Time’, which originally aired in the 70’s. It follows Penelope Alvarez, a newly single mother, take care of her family with the help of her mother, Lydia who is portrayed by Rita Moreno. Rita starred in the original series!

Thanks so much for reading! Questions for today… what are you currently watching? Is there any on my list that you enjoy?


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