My Favourite Vegan Treats

I’ve been vegan for just over 5 months now so I’m getting the hang of picking out vegan treats to snack on throughout the day. Now, it’s worth noting that I’m pretty much a junk food vegan! Sometimes I just enjoy eating the things that maybe shouldn’t be in my body, but each to their own is something I live by.

Potato Chips

I used to hate potato chips when I lived in England. I’d only eat them when I was super snacky and there were nothing left in the house. Since moving to Nashville though, I have been snacking on potato chips more and more and actually liking them. My favorite flavors at the moment are Barbecue and Salt & Vinegar. If you’re a new vegan, do make sure to double check the ingredients as I’ve noticed a few brands and flavors list ‘contains milk ingredients’ as one of the allergen warnings.

SkinnyPop Popcorn

This is an amazing snack! They are a non-GMO and also gluten free. They have such a variety of flavors including a dairy free White Cheddar! Today I am actually snacking on their popcorn cakes which taste, mighty good. I also definitely recommend the Salt & Pepper kind if you’re looking for a slight kick in flavor. Though, if that’s not your thing then the Original is just as good.

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

As far as I’m aware, only a select few of these are vegan but I wanted to include these because they’re great to take on the go. Granted, so are the others I’ve mentioned but these fill you up just a bit better. I’ve tried the Vanilla Oat and Cinnamon Brown Sugar. I usually have these as a morning snack.

My wife’s homemade cookies!

My wife makes the best homemade cookies and I wish everyone could try them. They are such a good treat to have for dessert or an afternoon snack.

I’m planning on writing a part two to this with all my favorite vegan meal time items, but for now this is it!

Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash

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