What I’m taking to Nashville

As this is the only thing I’ve spoken about for the past 3 months, you’re probably aware that I am going to Nashville! In two weeks I will be getting on a plane and going to meet my best friend!

Yesterday I went on a shopping spree to buy weather appropriate clothes! I’ve never worn shorts in my life but I can’t wait for this new experience.

Side note: All links open in new tabs. So, either you’re welcome, or I’m sorry.

First thing on my list was rompers and playsuits. These are so cute, it’s a whole outfit and with the least amount of effort. I bought these two from H & M for £12.99. They’re super light and they don’t cling to your skin. They have an elasticated waistband, which my very one-like figure appreciates a lot. Oh! And the best part is, they have pretty deep pockets.


This is also from H & M for £12.99, I’m already seeing a theme occurring. They are floral dungaree shorts and I love them. Unfortunately, they don’t have pockets but they are made with a very floaty and flowy material so I can let them off. This type of floral print is my favourite, every summer I always make sure to pick up something like this.

These little crop tops from H &M  for £8.99 are so cute. I feel the little tie in the front has been coming back into fashion for months now and with summer hitting us, I think these are perfect.

I can’t quite remember where I got these from (I think it was either New Look or H&M). They’re all just super basic t-shirts that’ll be great for all weathers. These will also get plenty of use when I’m back because I love owning way too many shirts.

I will also be taking shorts! This is mainly because I might die in anything longer and if I come back home with the same pasty white legs, my sister will 100% make fun of me. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have never worn shorts (by choice) in my life and so this should be fun. I only wore them in the changing rooms and they seemed to be comfy so let’s hope it stays that way!

Thank you all for reading! This isn’t everything I’m bringing, I also have a couple extra things but I didn’t take photos of those.

See you next time!

Bee xx

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Hello, I'm Bee. I like to write about my passions and have been doing so for around five years now. I started blogging in 2013 as an outlet but now I'm happy just writing about the things I'm passionate about.

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